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We know a transition from sport into business can be daunting, where to start, who to talk to, how to present yourself?

You will likely have been offered comforting comments from friends and loved ones, “you can do anything”, but what?

We de-code the transition from Sport to business. We provide a suite of coaching and training to prepare you.

We co-design your journey with you. We will be with you every step of the way.


Support to co-design next opportunity


Support to co-design next opportunity



Opportunities in partner organisations; career opportunities, work experience and associate athlete program


Ongoing support and mentorship program

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Athletes will have access to 10 core modules

The support doesn’t end there. Once you have found a meaningful landing place at a partner business, you will remain a SPP Athlete Alumni. Members will benefit from ongoing access to networking events and the Athlete locker room, providing a central resource centre for transition and beyond.

  1. Introductory workshop with SPP Certification
  2. Response to change and transition
  3. Common traits of high performance athletes
  4. Transferable skills of high-performance athletes
  5. Transferable skills with your unique edge
  6. Understanding the employment landscape. Employed VS Entrepreneurial
  7. Ongoing support with affiliated partner opportunitues
  8. Introduction to the network
  9. Coaching for individual results
  10. The art of networking

When the flood lights fade, we support Athletes to find the route towards their Second Peak, shining a light on their new chosen path.

What Athletes Say What Businesses Say What Leaders Say

There are so many skills that you develop in sports, that are applicable to so many industries and actually those industries are calling out for it. Businesses are looking for a different skillset

Kelly Davies, UK Director of Ashoka Everyone a Changemaker and Cymru Football Foundation Chair

Not everybody has those skills and behaviors. High performance behaviours are high performance – They aren’t just high performance in sport behaviours

Craig Anthony – CEO British Wrestling

You have to have one eye on it (career transition). I have been super lucky in the sense of having the 15-year career, coming to an end with good health intact.

Whereas some guys who I played with only got to their early 20s before a horrible injury has caused a complete change, which was definitely not expected. It’s always something any athlete needs to keep an eye on throughout their career

Rob Miller – Newcastle, Sale, Wasps

The space Second Peak Performance are working in, it terms of the transition piece is both warranted and needed! We have seen time and time again people struggle with transition. Transition means something different for everybody and will look completely different to every individual

James Parkes – Saracens, Leeds, Gloucester. Founder of the MyDay App

Whilst I am still a professional Athlete, I am getting prepared for a smooth transition into a career in Sales. Second Peak Performance support me by being someone to discuss ideas with and offer practical support.

Robin Hislop – Saracens and Scotland

Working with Second Peak Performance allowed me to have important conversations around transition and what life can look like after sport. Transitioning into a different world is daunting, so it’s great to meet people who are passionate about offering support

Tom Cruse – Northampton Saints


We support Athletes transition, before, during or after their sporting career

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